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The Fry Chronicles : An Autobiography

The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry A witty, honest look into Mr. Fry's young adulthood, from his years at Cambridge to the launch of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. As with much of his work, The Fry Chronicles is carried by his wit and intelligence and his ability to turn a critical eye towards himself. This book is as filled with amusing anecdotes as it is with apologies for his petty complaining (he seems constantly worried that his complaints will, in the light of his wealth and good fortune offend readers of lesser means). Of course, this only makes him more endearing to the reader. We all realize that problems and unhappiness are not the sole providence of have-nots, but it shows a certain degree of humility to recognize the blessings that were being lavished and regret some of the petulant complaints that we all at some time entertain. The material here is not too heavy, his biggest concerns are familiar to any young adult, acceptance, success, finding your niche, but Stephen Fry is a fine writer and that elevates this volume above the drivel of so many other celebrities. That is really all there is to know, Stephen Fry is an actor, comedian, author, playwright, techie, twitter master, and celebrity extraordinaire that has written a funny and interesting book and I would recommend you read it on the basis that it is an enjoyable and interesting book to read. It is not an inspiration, a how-to guide, a setting straight of any records, nor a revealing tell-all. But do read it anyway, it really is quite good.