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A catalog of my comments and thoughts on books, reading, and writing as well as anything I come across that seems interesting. I used to sell other people's words at an independent bookstore but now I hope to get by on selling my own.

Rules of Civility: A Novel

Rules of Civility: A Novel - Amor Towles Clever, charming, rich in its view of old New York. Well plotted, what seem like sudden twists are set up often chapters before. If there was any flaw it was the characters, they are a bit staged for my liking, always shooting for the perfect aphorism, until they become just vehicles for that perspective. to its credit, their actions tend to be less neat, but there just didn't reach out to me.A fun read though, especially for structuralists. Also for fans of mysteries or book groups with split affinities, it seemed to unfold like a mystery in the play of set up and execution, what is known and what is hidden, and it played it off well in a literary fiction.