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A catalog of my comments and thoughts on books, reading, and writing as well as anything I come across that seems interesting. I used to sell other people's words at an independent bookstore but now I hope to get by on selling my own.

Walden and Civil Disobedience: Or, Life in the Woods (Signet Classics)

Walden and Civil Disobedience: Or, Life in the Woods - Henry David Thoreau, W.S. Merwin, Perry Miller A great manifesto on nature/living/faith/philosophy. At times thoreau approaches the pretentious. Speaking as a male college graduate in his early twenties-as Thoreau was during his time at Walden-I get living the simple life. We've all cut down the luxeries (relatively) living off ramen, strarbucks Wifi, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, but when hes passing judgement on a poor family for working to hard for the sake of silly luxeries like meet and good clothes it seems much. Those critiques aside, Thoreau's masterpiece is a great read and only more relevent as our lives become more indoor-oriented, more connected, constantly stimulated, and never alone. And Civil Disobedience is a fine take on American democracy, possibly the last honest political document in this country. I don't agree with all of it, which only makes me appreciate it more as it can never be hijacked by either political party.